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City Girl Story

Hi! My name is Sarah and I like to call myself the CEO (Chief Equestrian Officer) of City Girl Equestrian. This shop was born out of both a deep love of horses and fast-paced city living.

My story begins in the equestrian community of San Juan Capistrano, CA where I like to believe I was born to ride. At age seven my unsuspecting parents enrolled me in horse summer camp. Little did they know this would spark a lifelong passion…cough cough, obsession!  At 9 years old I got my first horse, Hubert. A 17.2 hand gentle giant. The most bomb proof horse and perfect babysitter for an obsessed little girl.

Sarah and Arvis

After riding for a few years and competing in small local shows it was time to move up in the ranks and find a true show horse. After a long search we found Arvis a 17 hand Hanoverian wild child (we must have been nuts!) and moved to prominent trainer Mickey Hayden where my riding skills were refined and I became a major competitor in medals and equitation. Showing up and down the coast of California were some of the best years of my life.

Fast forward several years and I'm off to college in fast paced San Francisco, entering the working world, getting married and having two kids. Looking back I may have put my horse dreams on hold but the passion was never lost. Now I ride purely for fun and am beyond excited to share the joy of horses with my two little girls and loving Husband.

Though I am now a city girl, my roots are always and forever at the barn. From this passion, City Girl Equestrian was born. We are a boutique shop specializing in clothing and accessories for the modern equestrian from City to Show Ring. You will find all of your favorite brands and maybe even discover some new ones! My goal is to find the best equestrian inspired products from other small businesses like me.

Ride on!